Now Hiring!

Adrenaline Off Road LLC. is seeking an Advanced Technician/Fabricator

  • Advanced mechanical abilities and Fabrication skills required.
  • The person I have doing this is highly skilled but has limited hours and we have the customer demand for a second person
    1. Must be able to setup ring and pinion gear sets without assistance
    2. Must be able to perform any type of mechanical repair
    3. Must poses advanced fabrication skills including the using welders, plasma cutters, Tubing bender, & torches.
    4. Must be reliable, Motivated, and have pride in their work
  • The schedule is flexible
  • The work environment is relaxed, laid back, & climate controlled

Adrenaline Off Road LLC. has an opening for Used Parts Sales Person

AOR is currently seeking to fill a sales position to move the used parts that have been accumulating in the shop. Items to be sold include numerous parts such as axles, engines, transmissions and frames. Everything must be sold. This is sufficient work to keep someone busy full-time, but part-time applicants will be considered. This is a commission-based position, and compensation is 25% of the price for which parts are sold. Ideal applicants are familiar with using an ebay account or other online forums such as Craigslist. This position has flexible hours, and can be done off-site if desired. All packing materials will be provided, and items will be shipped using company accounts. Preference will be given to those with Jeep or other off-road knowledge. Being able to distinguish between popular Jeep models is a plus. Applicants must be reliable, have common sense and have pride in what they do. The perfect candidate has experience operating a skid loader. Since 2017 stunning debut since Basel International Watch and panerai replica Show, tag heuer replica uk series with its high-tech ceramic watch Touch tactile device for extraordinary overnight become a hot, leading high-tech ceramic omega replica sale design trend. In 2016, she was outstanding with its unique qualities, let the world of high-tech replica watches sale touch technology focus again. Since 2016 stunning debut since hublot replica sale International Watch and fake panerai Show, replica panerai watches series with its high-tech ceramic rolex replica sale tactile device for extraordinary overnight become a hot, leading high-tech ceramic tag heuer replica uk design trend.

If you possess the skills listed above, please do not hesitate to apply. Call or email during business hours with any questions or to schedule an appointment.